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December 12th, 2011

LGBT-Friendly Honeymoons

by Joanna Eng

I’ve been thinking a lot about honeymoons—specifically my own, which remains completely unplanned. We haven’t even settled on a country. But for us and many LGBT couples and straight allies, one factor that “helps” narrow down the list of destinations is the level of support that each country’s (or region’s) government offers to LGBT people.

Obviously, this filter can apply to any kind of travel, not just honeymoons. But since a honeymoon is specifically about celebrating a relationship, it’s particularly relevant. As a recently married couple, even a heterosexual one, would you want to commemorate your commitment in a place that doesn’t welcome gay couples? As a same-sex pair, general safety, comfort, inclusive cultural offerings, and equal treatment while traveling are some of the extra factors to consider.

Some honeymoon planners might want to pick from among the ten countries that currently allow full, legal same-sex marriages nationwide: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. Other cities and states that have legalized same-sex marriages at a more local level include Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mexico City, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington, DC.

Street art in Buenos Aires

Or you may want to at least avoid countries where same-sex relationships are completely illegal. There are plenty of other pro-LGBT and anti-LGBT measures to weigh; the ILGA website breaks down the relevant laws by country on a helpful map on its homepage. Beyond the legal factors, sources such as Equally Wed—a same-sex wedding magazine—provide information about what it might be like to travel to certain destinations as a same-sex couple.

You may also want to look into LGBT-welcoming accommodations wherever you decide to go. Purple Roofs is an international directory of bed and breakfasts, hotels, and tour operators that identify themselves as “lesbian owned,” “transgender owned,” “gay friendly,” etc. There are even discounts available at some lodgings if you mention Purple Roofs.

There are more gay travel websites and books out there, and targeted sections of guides such as Lonely Planet, but to be honest, most of these resources don’t seem all that helpful. Your best bet is probably to figure out where you might want to go first, and then look up independent LGBT sources specific to that destination.

Does anyone know of other resources to check or factors to consider when planning an LGBT-friendly honeymoon?